Space Planning

Lead Designer

Kristen Merrill,
Lead Designer

Space Planning is more than fitting “boxes” in to a plan. Our designers use a collaborative process to determine your needs and we encourage your input. To be successful, we must spend some time to get to know your business. We ask important questions and we listen to your answers. We know a lot about space planning and furniture design – but no one knows more about your business than you. We found that when we combine our design expertise with your knowledge of your business we can achieve great things.

Once we have enough information, the designer assigned to your project will begin creating a space plan, allocating space using generic furniture symbols. This plan will be adjusted, tweaked, changed and updated as many times as needed until you feel 100% confident with it. Our space planning services are free – so take advantage of them. You will not find a more committed, experienced group of designers anywhere.

"The more information we exchange during space-planning, the better the project turns out for our customer. I enjoy getting to know more about our customer’s business during the design phase. I am always fascinated by what I learn, and I always use it in my design." - Kristen Merrill – Senior Designer (with roi since 2000)