Health & Wellness

Designing for employee health and happiness pays.

It’s true. The physical spaces where you spend your time are scientifically proven to have a direct effect on health, happiness, and productivity.

And guess what? It doesn’t need to cost a fortune. It just requires some ingenuity, expertise, and an open dialogue. Our team has years of experience reimagining spaces in simple ways that make profound impacts on employee wellness.

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Attainable & Affordable

We’re experts implementing affordable, yet powerful techniques into the design process. Whether it’s introducing more light, positioning people in a particular way, using the right finishes, or allowing space for things like plants, optimizing your space for wellness is no longer just a pipedream.

Win Over the WFH Crowd

With hybrid office policies now the norm, it’s more important than ever to make your workspace as appealing as possible. We’ll help you create a space that promotes wellness and is a destination worthy of that dreaded morning commute.

Floor to Ceiling Wellness

Here are just a few of the areas our designers focus on:

  • Lighting, both natural and artificial
  • Acoustics
  • Ergonomics, including seating, sit-stand, and monitor location
  • Biophilia (bringing more of the outdoors in)
  • Movement
  • Air quality
  • Balancing open spaces with private ones
  • Health and safety (Covid-related and beyond)

What Our Clients Are Saying

Testimonial by Buddie DeRucher

“A stellar company with an extraordinary team! ROI is knowledgeable, efficient, and accommodating. Their products and design services exceeded our expectations regarding wellbeing, ergonomics, and quality. The end product was ergonomically superior and served the whole person—body, mind, and spirit. All within budget and while meeting a challenging deadline. When I think of competence, attention to detail, and wellbeing of our employees, I only think of ROI Office Interiors.”

Buddie DeRucher Health and Wellness Coordinator Utica National Insurance Group

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