Training Rooms

The training room or learning center is one of the most important common areas in any organization.  This is where you pass information about your company goals and values to your team.  Once relegated to any spare room or nook, researchers have determined that this learning space should be centrally and conveniently located. Training room furniture should be very versatile, and can include mobile training room tables, nesting tables, nesting chairs and even mobile presentation equipment. Mobile training room chairs or those that stack are available as well. We can develop a plan for you using your training tables and training chairs in a variety of ways such as classroom style and breakout style.  These tables can also be ganged to create large conference tables.

Good training room design considers:

  1. Power and data management, especially important for computer training rooms
  2. Versatility – the ability to change your space easily and quickly for customized learning
  3. Design elements and colors that enhance the learning experience.

Training Rooms Gallery

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