Lounges & Break Rooms

More than just a place to eat lunch or take a break or relax for a few moments, the break room has become another area for impromptu meetings and informal sharing of ideas.  Break room furniture should help facilitate collaboration and creativity.  A lively area, where a quick meeting can take place, or where a group can talk about their weekend, many organizations have modeled break their break room design on coffee shops.  The lounge furniture should be welcoming and inviting, encouraging people to leave their work areas occasionally.

Great new designs are available whether you are furnishing a small kitchenette, a café or a full service cafeteria.

  1. Through the use of café tables and  bar stools, combined with standard height break room tables as well as dining and break room chairs, we can create a very interesting space.
  2. Stack chairs, which offer versatility and comfort, and can stack up to 50 high on a cart, can help you create a more versatile space.
  3. Dining tables can be specified with casters, self-leveling glides and even with pneumatic height adjustment to accommodate standard use or wheelchair use.

Lounges & Break Rooms Gallery

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