Corporate & Business Office Furniture

Each one of our corporate furniture clients, whether they are a small start-up, a Fortune 500 company, or a New York State Contract or GSA eligible entity are looking to us for solutions. It isn’t enough to provide desks, chairs and cubicles any more. Whether you are looking to improve efficiency, create a better image, attract the best talent or furnish a new facility, we ask the right questions and listen to you in order to understand your vision. Our design process is a collaborative one, where we include our customers, our designers and installation department and even our vendors to develop a design and provide the perfect furniture for your vision.

We proudly provide corporate furniture around these markets and across the state:



View galleries of images from some of our past corporate clients.

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Reception Area Furniture

The reception area is where first impressions of your company are created.

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Open Workspaces

Our goal in the open work space is to provide workstations which balance the need for task oriented, focused work and the collaborative work that has become so important. 

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Private & Admin Offices

A great private office design allows the individual to work with minimal interruption or distraction, while maintaining a sense of approachability.

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Collaboration Workrooms

These multi-purpose rooms are where people collaborate and share their knowledge and skills with one another. Our design team will get to know your business and present you with conference room furniture that best suits your needs.

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Quiet Zones

Some team members will need a distraction-free area to perform certain tasks efficiently. The quiet zone offers privacy and quiet, which are often in rare supply in today’s collaborative work environment.

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Lounges & Break Rooms

More than just a place to eat lunch or take a break or relax for a few moments, the break room has become another area for impromptu meetings and informal sharing of ideas.

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Training Rooms

The training room or learning center is one of the most important common areas in any organization.  This is where you pass information about your company goals and values to your team.

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We process hundreds of NY State Contract and GSA orders for our customers every year.

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Office Cubicles

roi Office Interiors offers a vast range of new office cubicles for your needs. Explore open cubicles, low wall cubicles, and new Teknion cubicles to customize your office setups.

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