Modular cabinets – factory constructed cabinetry designed for business and institutional applications.  Comprised of wall, base and storage units, they provide a built-in custom look anywhere millwork cabinetry is required.  Perfect for use as mailroom furniture, conference room cabinets or even for use in kitchenettes, they are available in several “furnishing grade” finishes and with solid or glass doors.

Modular Cabinets are

  1. Versatile.  The unique mounting hardware allows freedom to move cabinets within a room or from room to room without a carpenter.
  2. Green. Since the cabinets can easily be removed and re-used they are much less likely to end up in a landfill, and can even assist in earning LEED credits.
  3. Smart.  No construction delays, no construction dust, no blocking of wall necessary, and it can be depreciated as furniture!