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  • Conflux

    LED task light that uses infrared technology to sense occupancy through body heat to shut off light.
  • Horizon

    Task light that utilizes high intensity micro LED's to produce warm light that is glare free and reduces eye strain.
  • Element Disc

    LED task light that provides 7 adjustable illumination levels for energy efficiency.
  • Revo

    Highly efficient, dimmable light with a fully articulating body that moves seamlessly.
  • Voyage

    A personal task light, fully articulating, dimmable LED touch technology.
  • Fundamentals

    LED desk light with single touch button interface and compact, space saving design.
  • Lustre

    Telescoping LED task light with "touch & hold" built in dimmer with 3 brightness settings.
  • Pixie

    The Pixie's circular light fixture diffuses soft, even light that can be positioned with absolute flexibility.

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