Our Team

If you spend any time at roi Office Interiors, you will notice that the words “we”, “us”, “our” and “team” are used with great frequency. We have – without question, one of the most talented, committed group of people assembled in our industry, and have been recognized by our partners and customers for our great work. It is, however – the sense of team and the common goal we share, to do the right thing for our partners that makes us so proud. We recognize that being in business today can be difficult, and we do everything we can to help make things as easy as we can for our customers. It would be very hard to find a group of people in our industry who have been together as long as our team. They are great people who are great at what they do.

  • Lynne Angelicola
    Lynne Angelicola
  • Nick Angelicola
    Nick Angelicola
  • Robert Angelicola
    Robert Angelicola
  • Jennifer Christmas
    Jennifer Christmas
  • Joe Geffert
    Joe Geffert
  • Abigail Luley
    Abigail Luley
  • Marina Richardson
    Marina Richardson
  • Amy Salamida
    Amy Salamida
  • Ciera Sportello
    Ciera Sportello
  • Paul Matys
    Paul Matys
  • Emily Demarest
    Emily Demarest
  • Gino Corasaniti
    Gino Corasaniti
  • Rob-Humphrey
    Rob Humphrey
  • Paul Colangelo
    Paul Colangelo
  • Heidi Kelly
    Heidi Kelley
  • Ashley Sheehan
    Ashley Sheehan