Physician's / Admin Offices

Healthcare administration furniture and design has become increasingly complex. Our designers are familiar with HIPPA regulations, specialized filing requirements, and ever evolving technology and the challenges that come with them. Our project team will listen to you, determine your needs and create workstations, filing areas, break rooms and patient registration areas that meet your special needs.Healthcare professionals are using their private offices as a “touchdown space”, a place to make phone calls, review patient information or do research. Since space for the physician’s office is usually limited, it is important to specify furniture that will allow us to use the available space efficiently and provide ample storage and work space.

Healthcare Physician and Administrative office design should:

  1. Accommodate technology used in healthcare today, including oversized monitors, and have provisions for medical filing, and other specialized storage for the modern medical facility.
  2. Consider ADA requirements and accommodate visitors of varying size and physical capabilities, especially if the physician is utilizing their office for consultation with patients.
  3. HIPPA.  Privacy, and the ability to keep private patient information out of view is extremely important.

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