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Bonadent Dental Laboratories

Bonadent Dental Laboratories in Seneca Falls, NY provides a wonderful example of the re-use of an existing structure when they purchased and renovated a former discount store for their new headquarters.  Our design team worked very closely with the owner and his designer to create a space they can truly be proud of.  We specified, delivered and installed furnishing for the entire facility, including private offices, open offices, dining areas, conference rooms and reception.  Collaboration between all parties is essential on a project of this scope, and we believe the end product demonstrates this.

  1. Reception Area
  2. Glass Architectural Walls
  3. Conference Rooms
  4. Open Offices
  5. Café

PLC Trenching Project

The PLC Trenching project in Clinton, NY represents a successful partnership between roi Office Interiors, the end-user, the architect and the builder. Our interior designer attended the construction meetings and worked with the architect to coordinate even the smallest of details. Our customer had a vision for this space, to which he would welcome visitors from all over the world, and our goal was to help him create a space that captured that vision. We love this process.

  1. Administrative Area - we combined wood, glass and fabric to create interest in the open plan workstations and the floor to ceiling private offices.
  2. Open office workstations – our customer wanted an open, comfortable feeling in these workstations, which we provided by using stepped panel heights, glass entrance panels, interesting work surface shapes and muted finishes.
  3. The vision for the board room was one that represented technology and a stable organization. We utilized a technology wall and a very modern table mixing, wood, metal, stone and light.
  4. Modular cabinets, matching the accent color of the stack seating creating a very interesting space.
  5. Glass architectural walls with wood headers and doors are an elegant addition to the space.

Gilroy Kernan and Gilroy

Gilroy Kernan and Gilroy is a 100 year old family owned business steeped in history, but very modern in its approach to doing business.  This customer wanted to convey their impressive history, which they are very proud of, but also to send a message to their customers and team members that they intend to continue to improve and modernize.  We enjoyed the process of sharing our ideas with each other, and working as a team to develop this beautiful project. The importance of collaboration with our customers cannot be overstated.  We are in it together!

  1. The reception station which is angled toward the front door provides a logical place for visitors to stop, but also creates an efficient work area for typical equipment and two staff members.
  2. Providing a comfortable place for their people to relax and take a break was very important for this client, who was recognized as the best place to work in NYS for their company size.
  3. The training area seating and tables are mobile and “nesting” for easy reconfiguration.  When nested, they fit into a storage closet.

We used glass and stepped panel height to create the open feeling the customer wanted for their staff.

Assured Information Security

Assured Information Security (AIS), a cyber-security company working closely with the Department of Defense is located at the Griffiss Technology Park in Rome, NY. They moved into their beautiful new headquarters adjacent to the Air Force Research Laboratory in 2011.  One of the fastest growing companies in upstate New York, AIS wanted a facility which would attract and retain the scientists and support personnel to perform their important mission – but as a growing company there was a need for a fiscally conservative approach.  We worked very hard to provide furnishings and designs which met both of their criteria.  We proudly attended their ribbon cutting ceremony where they highlighted a truly state-of-the art facility.

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