Ergonomist Approved

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  1. Pixie


    The Pixie's circular light fixture diffuses soft, even light that can be positioned with absolute flexibility. Learn More
  2. Compact


    Keyboard tray with removable memory foam palm support adjusts easily from side to side to accommodate both right or left mouse use. Learn More
  3. YKT1


    Keyboard tray with articulating mouse pad. Learn More
  4. MAST Dynamic Arm

    MAST Dynamic Arm

    Monitor arm with a light friction mechanism that ensures arms stop exactly where required. Learn More
  5. Metro 6

    Metro 6

    Straight keyboard platform with leather wrapped wrist pad. Learn More
  6. 6G


    Keyboard platform with swivel mouse pad. Learn More
  7. M2


    Single monitor arm with extension-spring technology. Learn More
  8. 6CC


    A keyboard platform with articulating arm, gel palm rest, and mouse pad. Learn More
  9. Evolve Triple Monitor

    Evolve Triple Monitor

    Triple monitor arm with manual height adjustment. Learn More
  10. Edge Dual Monitor

    Edge Dual Monitor

    Dual monitor arm with 13" height adjustment range. Learn More
  11. Edge Single Monitor

    Edge Single Monitor

    Single monitor arm with 13" height adjustment range. Learn More
  12. S2


    Keyboard platform with articulating arm. Learn More
  13. Conflux


    LED task light that uses infrared technology to sense occupancy through body heat to shut off light. Learn More
  14. Lustre


    Telescoping LED task light with "touch & hold" built in dimmer with 3 brightness settings. Learn More
  15. Fundamentals


    LED desk light with single touch button interface and compact, space saving design. Learn More
  16. Liberty


    A chair designed to offer a unique, minimal aesthetic and to provide custom comfort for every person who sits in it. Learn More
  17. Climb Dual Monitor

    Climb Dual Monitor

    A sit stand desktop unit with 17" travel range. Learn More
  18. Climb Single Monitor

    Climb Single Monitor

    A sit stand desktop unit with 17" travel range. Learn More
  19. Rise Electric Table

    Rise Electric Table

    Adjustable height table with travel range of 22-48". Learn More
  20. Element Disc

    Element Disc

    LED task light that provides 7 adjustable illumination levels for energy efficiency. Learn More
  21. Smart


    An intelligent mesh task chair that provides automatic lumbar support for every user. Learn More
  22. World


    An elegant, refined mesh back task chair with weight sensitive recline feature. Learn More
  23. Freedom


    Described by the NY Times as "the gold standard in office seating." Learn More

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