Waiting Area Seating

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  1. Foster Plus

    Foster Plus

    A bariatric version of the welcoming Foster chair. Learn More
  2. Foster


    No one likes to wait, but Foster makes waiting more comfortable. Learn More
  3. Modern Amenity

    Modern Amenity

    The clean, understated refinement of Modern Amenity brings pure style to any space. Learn More
  4. Modern Amenity Bariatric

    Modern Amenity Bariatric

    A Bariatric version of the Modern Amenity Chair. Learn More
  5. Versa XL

    Versa XL

    A chair that is built to comfortably sit the larger-sized individual. Learn More
  6. Versa


    Versa waiting chair features clean design and reliability at a budget price. Learn More
  7. Newport Bariatric

    Newport Bariatric

    A bariatric version of the Newport chair. Learn More
  8. Newport


    Refined contemporary styling chair with wallsaver design. Learn More
  9. Lenox


    Ideal balance of style, function, and value. Learn More
  10. Newport Hip Chair

    Newport Hip Chair

    A hip chair version of the Newport chair. Learn More
  11. Avon Hip Chair

    Avon Hip Chair

    Heavy-duty steel construction hip chair with a crisp, modern design. Learn More
  12. Affina Hip Chair

    Affina Hip Chair

    The Affina hip chair offers an elevated seat and foot rest. Learn More

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